Most of our development opportunities are sourced off-market ensuring we have access to opportunities that others are not aware about. Vendors benefit from discretion and our investors get access to opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. We use our network of industry relationships to help us identify, evaluate and proceed with investment opportunities. In certain circumstances we also create joint ventures with property owners.

Group SP invests in projects that require repositioning and renovation of older properties,  as well as new build developments.

Of special interest are existing properties in urban districts with improving demographics. We are keen on opportunities that permit any mixture of the following uses:

  • multi-family residential
  • student accommodation
  • storage
  • retail
  • advertising
  • signage
  • parking.

We have considerable experience in retail-residential schemes, as well as those that are exclusively residential. We know that the way people use real estate is changing in different areas, for example there is now more demand for quality urban housing and sometimes at the expense of other uses.

Our in-house skills include project management, architecture and interior design, cost management and reporting.

We appreciate the importance of understanding the requirements of the communities in which we operate. We do this by working closely with communities and local bodies from the initial stages right through the course of development. This helps not only to ensure wider support for our schemes, but also to ensure ample demand when these developments are complete. Our strong local knowledge helps us to avoid the pitfalls associated with oversupply.

We welcome enquiries from both agents and principals. We can demonstrate an excellent track record. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, or if you have any development proposals that you would like us to consider.