We provide qualified investors with the opportunity to co-invest alongside our principals in specific projects where we have identified an asset, or a series of assets, as having fundamental yield enhancement potential.

We are keen on investing in areas that demonstrate positive, improving income and demographic trends. And to minimise risk for our investors, we diversify investments across regions, asset types, and tenants. We also invest in Poland through CNG Polska, another CNG family company.

We believe a critical component of effective fund management is the mutual alignment of interests between our principals and our investors.

Our track record of making money for our principals and investors on every deal we have done – typically an IRR of at least 15% – is why investors keep coming back to us, deal after deal. These returns are only possible where there is a clear exit strategy which will allow us to realise value.

We welcome enquiries from both agents and principals. We can demonstrate a history of excellent performance. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, or if you have any proposals that you would like us to consider.