Whether for our own account or for our clients, we manage every asset to increase its value. We strive to anticipate the needs of our clients and to surpass their expectations. Through cultivating long-term relationships with our tenants and clients, we increase the value of assets under management and maximise everyone’s returns. Our asset management service is usually a part of our investment advisory offering.

We seek to enhance the value of real estate assets under management by:

  • making selective capital investments to improve the
  • controlling operating costs and
  • managing risk diversification.

Examples of capital improvements include:

  • maximising value by adding additional floors to the property, if possible
  • creatively using dead space to provide larger, more modern, floorplates, of far greater interest to tenants and
  • understanding the needs of the local authorities to create a product that satisfies all stakeholders.

Income enhancement is achieved by intelligent target marketing and improving a property’s rent roll (e.g., negotiating out tenant options, implementing landlord orientated lease terms, eliminating below-market leases).  we manage rollover risk in multi-tenant buildings too – for example by managing single tenant size, and staging lease expiration dates.

We manage the residential lettings and management process through our sister company, Luxury Digs, which is a member of the Association of Residential Letting Agents.

We welcome enquiries from both agents and principals. We can demonstrate an excellent rate of return and track record. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, or if you have any real estate proposals that you would like us to consider.